Secret of Hopingforffm

I seriously love playing with myself. I like watching porn and edging my thobbing cock for like an hour plus and then finding the perfect video to just explode to. Would love to do this to a female she could watch or help I'd be fine with either but when I'm about to explode I just want to see her ready and yearning to feel that hot load splash off her tits and then trickle down her sexy body and run right onto her soaking wet pussy and puddle up a bit. Then in a perfect finish for her I would tongue and mouth that wet pussy thats covered in my jizz all while doing the come here motion with all 4 of my fingers just inside her creamy pussyw until she squirts all over my face. Then to end it a short rough doggy slam

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Last night, as we head into 2023, I was in our hotel room. I brought toys, blindfolds, and a little alcohol to loosen the mood. I had planned a special surprise for the Mrs, one she never experienced or expected. I brought an acquaintance to the room before we returned to room. We have a big suite. He hid as we continued foreplay from the elevator. She stripped to nothing as did I. I asked her to put a blindfold on and explore her senses. She eagerly agreed. She began masterbatong and was moaning. I was rubbing my hard member along her body slowly and my friend came out to watch. This made me super hard and ready to have a man join us for the first time ever. He was 35, good looking, abs and a really thick one - I did not know until he removed all his clothes. It was a really amazing looking c*ck and I am straight. My wife was moaning as she was sliding a dildo in her ass and fingering her pussy. She said tease me baby. I rubbed my cock on her nipples. And invited my friend to swap with me. He rubbed his cock on her breasts, down her side and to the inner thigh of her leg. She moaned loader. He moved to her face and caressed her lips with his tip. It had some precum on it and she licked her lips saying so delicious. She grabbed my cock as we shifted position. She was so horny it was time to introduce us both. I told my friend go down on her once I start kissing her. She was startled but I said just enjoy, don’t look, focus on us pleasuring your every desire. She said are you sure. I was so hard and throbbing I said please yes. He continued sucking and licking as she sucked me. She wanted to taste his cock, we switched. She was very pleased with his girth and he placed his cock in her hand and then mouth. She asked if she gets to f*ck him too. I eagerly said yes. She pushed him down to enter her. He gently put the tip in and she gasped. She said to me help him put it in. I helped him slide it in slowly and she moaned in complete ecstasy. He was in deep and she got loud - yes yes, deeper and harder. I was oddly excited almost ready to cum watching. He pulled out and we alternated our c*cks in and out. She was going crazy. She whispered I want to experience real DP. We took our time and very gentle. She was in a new world of pleasure and she didn’t want to stop. I was in her ass and he was sliding in and out her soak and wet pssy . He was about to cum and I whispered let it loose and she arched as he came over and over. I then whipped quickly and entered her feeling his warm cum all over me as I slide deep and hard. I finally came and she said thank you for reclaiming me. She took off her blindfold and smiled. She said you picked a beautiful 3rd, thank you. We weren’t done. We ended up pleasuring my mrs for 3 more hours and did things never imagined. More to cum…

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