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I once went to church and my 32 yr old step daughter was in town visiting and she asked I could show her where the restroom was dyi took her down the hall to the bathroom and she lifted her dress up and said sre you coming in here to fuck me or you just going let me watch you looking at it in the hallway so went to s stall my cock was so hard she pulled it out of my pants and slid it down her throat and then looked at me and said i suck dick pretty good is ut better than Mom can i didn't even answer her i grabbed her hair and bent her over and her pussy was dripping wet i shoved my cock as deep as I could and she gave a little moan and said I been waiting to have this cock in my pussy for 15 years or more I use to rub my pussy iny bedroom every time I heard you fuckin my mom and then when my friends All were fuckin you when they got 18 and tell me what a good fuck you were i always wanted to figure out how i could find out and today i decided to find out so when we get home from church and mom takes her little Sunday nap i want you to take me for a ride in your nee Harley and take me some place where I can show you how much i really want to get fucked dad so we went for a ride to a county park and walked back to woods on the trail and she let me fuck her like a pornstar and said don't cum in her she wants to suck every drop out of my cock and she expects me to fuck her every time she's here for a visit ir she was going to tell her Mom me sbd her still have great fuckin sex but im not with her Mom anymore i wonder sometimes im not wrong for fuckin her am i



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Hey um i got a thing for thighs but it can start me from 0-100 in 0.01s like if i see boobs or pussy i will slowly gain the speed (horny status) but once i will see fish nets or long socks i am crazy. Do someone else have this ?



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